#PluckyReads Cyber Book Club


Welcome to Cyber Book Club with me, Plucky! 

We meet via video chat once a month. It's super easy to be a part of the club! Basically, I'll send out an email about a month before club with the book, the date, the time, and the link to the video chat. At the appointed day and time, pour a glass and snuggle up in front of your screen for some QT with ladies across the country! 

Join the Club

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In each newsletter and blog post about the next meeting, you'll find a link to add this meeting to your calendar. Since you'll need Google anyway, it's a Google Calendar invite with the date, time, and video chat URL. Feel free to share this event or RSVP via Gmail or shoot me an email letting me know if you plan to attend. :)

System Requirements
To join the Google Hangout, you will need a Google Account in some capacity - either Gmail, Google+, or any other way you can think of.
Download Hangouts:
Google Play | iTunes App Store | For your computer

Most Importantly
Have wine on hand during video chat session. Pour liberally and pour often. Let's do the darn thing!

Are you a book clubber with a blog? 
Please share you blog link below so new peeps can
learn more about da cool people up in this club! ♥

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