A new song and a Daisy update

Hi World!

SO much is going on these days, yeah? Mostly politics, which is not the most uplifting topic, but today I discovered an awesome new song/band and a Facebook post just wouldn't do it justice.

All the cool kids have known about these folks forevs but I long ago quit pretending I was cool so it's new to me and you're welcome, new or used, to enjoy this tune.

In other news, Daisy's neurologist (who treats dogs?) says we're in good shape for now unless she has another seizure in the next month. If she does, we're looking at medications at the very least and MRIs and possibly radiation at the other extreme. Today was BEAUTIFUL and she ran and played and chased in the dog park all afternoon so our fingers are as crossed as they can get that she's totally okay from now on. Thanks again for all the love!!


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  1. I've never heard of that artist before... but I like the song you shared! I am going to have to look into their other music. My fingers are crossed that Daisy is okay! Seizures are so, so scary. My lab had one about five months ago and it scared me so bad. Thankfully it was just the one, but I still am afraid it will happen again.