A Rawther Plucky Bachelorette Bash

YOU GUYS!!! It may come as no surprise that my bachelorette party was this weekend and it rocked! Have I ever told how completely incredible my friends are?! The number of times throughout the weekend when I was totally contented, surrounded by my favorite people full of taco fixin's + skinny margs, that I uttered the phrase, "I am SO happy right now" -- well, it was a high number, I tell you.

We did ALL the things.  Matching "Bride Tribe" tank tops, veils all over the place, a pool day (!!!), a viewing of Dirty Dancing, vodka gummy bears, the opening of skimpy, lacy little things to be saved for another day , phallic drinkware galore, bread sticks with all the sauces appearing just in the nick of time... My only regret? That it couldn't last forever. Seriously. For.Ev.Er.

I'm tearing up thinking of all the great conversations, adorable decor, and genuine friendship that went into this weekend. You should have seen the strands of pictures all over the house. Little snapshots through time and space of special moments I got to share with these humans. Dozens of photos attached to all of these memories and stories.

I have been saying this since Day One, and I'll say it again. I still can't seem to stop being the happiest girl in the world.

THANK YOU to my wonderful MOHs, Monica and Em Snapp, for putting together the very best bash a girl could ask for. THANK YOU to all the ladies who are just the coolest people I know. This was definitely a weekend for the books, no? The next time we're all together at once might be... the wedding day?!

On that note -- only 41 days until the wedding.  #shelikedhisbeard

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some new bride gear to try on before James gets home.... 

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  1. YAY!!! So glad you had a blast. Sounds like the most perfect of perfect bachelorette parties. I miss you! Can't wait to hear ALL about the big dayyyy! EEK! <3