The worst thing about wedding planning

The secret to wedding planning

Can I tell you the terrible, dirty secret to wedding planning??


Here goes.

The absolute worst thing about wedding planning (for a blogger, that is) is...


You can talk about it to your closest BFFs and family, but you don't want to spill the beans to the whole world about the adorable table runners or what reading you've picked for the ceremony or how stinking cool your favors are. The surprise would be ruined, and that surprise is half the fun!

But you might be thinking, "Huh. I'm not sure I'd care to know those details anyway, Sarah. Don't worry about not sharing them." Then trust me when I say that, at 64 days out, that's ALL I think about. 100% of the time. Wedding brain. Which is why I'm almost too bridal to even function.

It is somewhat terrifying how quickly and easily you can become consumed with the details of one solitary day in the life. I mean that in the best way but it's seriously incredible how much brain power it takes! In fact, I tried listening to Spotify's "Hot Hits" station today and I recognized .34% of the songs. Even the radio can't keep my attention these days!! But ask me about whether neck ties should be textured to match certain suits or where to find reasonably-priced beige flats (hello, Target), and I am ALL over it.

The struggle to carry on a non-wedding-related conversation is very real.

BUT I AM BACK ON SNAPCHAT → pluckyinlove
Snaps are refreshingly non-wedding related (for now).

In the mean time, who's on deck to ensure I've got this on hand for September 4th???

Got a good wedding story? Get at me in the comments plz.

PS. If you were looking for the legitimate secret to wedding planning success, this binder is your saving grace. FOR REAL.

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