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Hello again, stranger! It's been a little while. Since we last chatted, I've been working my butt off at the new gig (and learning A TON), helping Daisy stop vomming after every meal with some allergy meds, planning for (and dieting for ) a wedding that's just over 3 months away, helping a fledgling nonprofit get their feet off the ground by building their website (more on that later), and a handful of other things that you've probably already read about on Instagram

At some point last week, I was reminded of the "if you look for white cars on the road, you'll start to see them everywhere" experiment that I read about a long time ago. Basically, we're surrounded by A LOT of stuff and when we're not looking for particular things, we miss them. 

For an anxious, stress-prone Type A like me, a lot of times what I'm missing are all the good and positive things. While I've been very aware of our budget (or lack there of) with wedding planning and considering buying a house at some point and the fact that my waist is taking forever to shrink (and my arms are still super jiggly) and that my car is filthy inside since it hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in the year I've had it, I've been missing a lot of good stuff. 

I can't give a running list of the good stuff since, well, I've been missing it! But I know it's there. And the wake up call has been heard. So consider this the week of "letting go, letting gooOOoo" in Sarah-land. It's so easy to carry around extra stress for the sake of feeling like it's accomplishing something, but it's probably not super necessary. 

In any case, today is going to be a good day if for no other reason than James traveled to Cleveland this weekend and it was snowing. I shall no longer gripe about a breezy, 48° Saturday in May knowing that it is completely normal for some people to be making snowmen on their Taurus birthday.... 

So, hey! Happy Monday! ...right?

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