I confess...  I eat Light & Fit Blueberry Greek yogurt every. single. day. at this point in my life. I'm not mad about it.

I confess...  I've become one of those people who's phone is actually dead by the end of the day.

I confess...  I imagined I was smelling coconut suntan lotion on the drive home yesterday. I definitely wasn't smelling coconut suntan lotion in my car in rush hour, but it was nice to imagine.

I confess...   I finally have a haircut scheduled on the calendar! It's only been.... a year(?) since I last got it cut. #oops

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  1. ha-ha my phone is actually dead by.... 1pm. I have to have chargers everywhere or I will be phoneless. And I hear you on the haircut! It's been over a year for me and maybe best for when I head back to visit Portland!

  2. Welcome to the dead battery gang lol. It's a club that's been going on for years! I go years without cutting my hair too. It's a bad habit. My hair is pretty healthy but the ends are split and a bit dry.

  3. I wishhhh I was smelling coconut sun tan lotion! That is one of the best parts of summer!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  4. I love light and fit blueberry yogurt!! So yummy!!! Thanks for the reminder for me to get a haircut!! =) Have a good one!

  5. My phone is usually at about 50% after my 9 hour shifts... We're not supposed to be on our phones at all, but I usually find time to do so... And still complete my work, so go me.

    The Light and Fit yogurt is amazing. I have tried a few different ones and love the cherry one. I have it with lunch and it has taught me that I don't actually hate Greek yogurt after all.