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Happy Friday Eve!!

I worked in an office for 3 years with the sweetest lady who greeted us like that every. single. Thursday. And that was 3 years ago!! #adulthood Anyway, I've only got time to pop in quickly since I'm rawther busy with my first full, full time work week since...2011. 

One thing I've barely had time to think about is my blog! Fortunately, I read somewhere (read: everywhere) that it's a good idea to keep a list of notes and ideas and references so that you don't always have to brainstorm on the fly. Enter: EverNote

I'm by no means a master of this practice (yet!), but it's been so helpful! And it's free! Basically, I've got a running list of things that I really love and wouldn't mind referencing if my mind is blank (see: Pumpkin Beer ). I also made some notes to help spark my creativity about a few of my favorite topics, like Daisy and Ralph as well as updates for our wedding. 

I'll admit I thought this was kind of silly, and frankly took some of the fun and spontaneity out of blogging. I remember days in the past when my heart was so full to bursting with some message that I just had to write and that seemed like real blogging. Maybe I'm maturing or changing with the times, but that fact is -- I really enjoy blogging and I don't always have a ton of material rattling around in my brain when it comes time to sit down and type it out. 

EverNote, or a tool like it, can be so handy if it's how your brain works! I reference these lists for social media posts, instagram posts, and of course, blog posts. 

I actually sort of refrain from blogging about blogging very often because it feels .... weird somehow. I can't explain it. But with all these new responsibilities on my plate and life changes on the horizon that need to be blogged about (!!), I'm very thankful for tools like these that make it possible to manage different loves in my life. #bloggerlife

Aside from my ramblings, I hope you find this little info sesh helpful and I would love to learn more about tools you use to help you stay organized and make your (blog) life run more smoothly!! i.e. I showed you mine -- now show me yours! Your inspiration list, that is.  

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  1. I've been meaning to try Evernote. It sounds like a fancier version of what I already constantly do in my Notes app, so I should probably get on that.. Good luck with the wedding planning and all the fun, exciting and *fancy* life living you're doing of late ;) I miss your face.