I confess... the rain and cold temperatures today are not really what I ordered. Can I send them back?

I confess... I felt really silly not acknowledging how cheesy that Little Big Town song is in my post yesterday, and yet I still tear up. #fact

I confess... we hung a St. Patrick's Day wreath on our front door. Think giant, shimmering shamrock!! But the wind blew it down. Apparently I haven't learned my lesson about scotch tape and door decs. Remember the Christmas wreath debacle of 2015?

I confess... using the phrase "door decs" just transported me back in time to those RA days in college. Talk about a flashback!!

I confess... I've consumed FIVE cups of water a day for the last two days because I'm a health guru now.  This surpasses my previous daily average of 0 cups of water a day.

I confess... I'm still stuck in the Chamber of Secrets for a my HP re-read through. Hagrid's been arrested and Hermione has been petrified, so I really just need to get on with it because it's basically over anyway, right??

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  1. AHH I'm terrible at drinking water, too. I'm trying to be better! Why is it so hard? I actually 'forget.'