I confess... I'm very disappointed that my new Dollar Tree nail polish keeps chipping.

I confess... I feel almost human again today! Hooray for healthy immune systems!

I confess... I'm in a rut with new tunes -- anybody have recommendations? I like folk-y, pop-y, somewhat countr-y usually but I'm open! Think Vampire Weekend, Ingrid Michaelson, and this song.

I confess... it's already been too long since I've been to the beach.

I confess... I could use a large Diet Coke from McDonald's right about now. #afternoonslump

I confess... these confessions are late! You'll never know thanks to the scheduling tool, but I will know.

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  1. I've been using Revlon gel nail polish which isn't too expensive and it's lasting longer than I thought it would!! I hope you continue to feel better and beach days need to be worked into everyone's schedule!!

    For new tunes check out Pandora! Put in your favorite band/singer and I'm sure something new will pop up! =)

    Have a great one! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. Try this one on for size! Hope you likeyyy xo

  3. i never listen to the radio and the music on my phone is on repeat. i could use a new playlist as well!

  4. I painted my nails with essie last night and they're chipped already. Who knows what I do to mess them up so easily.

  5. Nails have been naked for months, not sure I'm going to try to change that any time soon. No worry on late confessions, we've got you!

  6. Do you read Kati's blog She always has great "fresh" music suggestions!

  7. I'm pretty sure a lot of readers are sick of my music posts... but I've done a lot in the past few months. Check out Jack and White's Gemini EP. So good. (it's on Spotify!) jeez.. I can't even remember the other music posts... just hop on over and click the tab! hehe Or maybe I'll send you more later if I remember! Heheh I love Ralph. :) :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things