We found our wedding rings!

I'm so excited! So many pieces of this wedding biz are falling into place very easily. Next up, cost analysis with caterer / rental company, figuring out what/how dudes wear and where/how they get it, and actually going to the gym 5 times before the big day. I've got 225 days but that might not be enough to squeeze in 5 workouts at my current rate. 

I also dreamed last night about coaching a girls' basketball team in my home town. I have got to stop snacking and giving myself indigestion before bed. 

The post I had planned for today included stats and figures relating to how much my blog has grown in the last 6 months since I really started focusing on the analytics and such but that was a lot of work and we had a free wine-tasting certificate to cash in last night, so that post didn't happen.

Let's suffice it to say that EVERYTHING in Plucky land is growing at this point. Instagram is perhaps the fastest. I posted a pic of a blank brick wall last night that magically received over 100 likes. I'm not mad about it. It confirms what we already knew -- IGers are weird.

Another excuse for my lack of blog prep is that I've also been gobbling down the first 2 seasons of the Newsroom. Imagine my joy when I realized they were available to stream with Amazon prime membership. Yee-haw! Season 3 is not free to stream. Whatever will I do? We've got about 3.5 episodes (and a new Serial episode!) to go before I'll have to figure that out.

Happy Friday Eve!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Weird, I just binge-watched all of The Newsroom too! Like, I finished it last week I think. Definitely find a way to get your hands on season 3—so worth it.