True Life: Snorkeling in da Bahamas

Shortly after getting to the Bahamas and arriving at the Bluff House, we met a sweet couple from Switzerland who invited us to join them for snorkeling at some point in the week. Emily had done her research and knew that Brindle's Adventure Tours were supposed the be the shiz so we signed ourselves up! We packed lunch for the day at a little island convenience store, including coconut cookies and a bag of baby carrots.

Before we set foot on the boat, Brindle and his staff walked us through our gear and equipment, showing us how to inflate our life vests if we needed them and ensuring our snorkeling masks fit properly. Without much fanfare, we were on our way for a full day of adventuring! 

Brindle himself was an easy-going host, letting us pick the music to blast threw the speakers while he drove the boat, encouraging us to sip on complimentary rum punch. It was the best. The day we snorkeled, the temperature was perfect though the ocean-side of the island was too rough to risk it. I genuinely appreciated that our safety was such a big concern and we were in no danger of swimming through tough currents. 

I've dabbled in snorkeling before, mostly at James's insistence, but this was so cool! We explored an old reef and saw rays, sea horses, and a million little fish in all the colors of the rainbow. It was incredible!

For lunch, we stopped at a nearby beach and munched on fresh coconut Brindle served us. We fed sting rays little hunks of meat from between our toes. They'd swoop past, rubbing their soft, rubbery underlayers against our shins, seeking out their treats. Brindle insisted they were just like cats as they rubbed against our legs, but I have a cat and I'll have to respectfully disagree. Though Karen the Sting Ray was gentle and non-threatening, she was nothing like a cat.

Lastly, we visited Piggyville. We were told that the pigs are descendants of those brought here by farmers in years past that have since run wild on their own little island. At times, the pigs will swim right out to the boats to get food and treats from the humans on board. However, the only two pigs who braved the afternoon heat to greet us were new mamas with swollen tummies and milky teats. One little hog waded into the water but turned back when it got too deep. 

We, of course, followed them onto the beach and insisted they eat our carrots. At one point, a whole gaggle of tiny piglets stormed the shore in search of their mother. We had a real treat watching them nurse and nap in the afternoon sun. In all my life, I've never been so thrilled to see a bunch of little pigs. Was it the rum punch? The salty air? The pure joy of being hundreds of miles away from home, entirely surrounded by sea water and salty air? All of the above, I'd say.

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  1. Ahhhh so jealous. Looks like such an incredible trip. Bring me with next time?? :)

  2. Oh my goodness, so much amazing stuff in this post! I love the piglets too - how could you not?! I want a vacation so bad...

  3. That's so awesome! & those pigs. I can't even. What a fun addition to your trip!! :) XO -Alexandra

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