The Wedding Diet

Remember that nightmare about finding my wedding dress that I mentioned on Wednesday? Basically I was in a dress shop with a friend of mine and everything I tried on was suuuuuper tight and very itchy and unflattering and awful. I haven't been dress shopping in real life yet, so this could be a premonition for all I know... The Wedding Diet to the rescue!

Is this an official thing -- the wedding diet? Probably. In any case, I've GOT to hit it hard in the New Year to ensure I feel fabulous on my big day. Since the moment James proposed, I've known all this in the back of my mind and genuinely believed I'd have made more progress by now with only 238 days to go. This week, I've eaten kale salads and hard boiled eggs, but also loaded nachos and Guinness -- balance?! I've enlisted a few tools to keep the motivation train a-movin. 

I'd hesitate to call these New Years Resolutions and instead will continue to refer to any and all efforts as #theweddingdiet. The tools I've been using include:

Goal Setting
I found irunurun just before the Christmas holiday. THIS APP IS AMAZING. It's totally free (unless you want teammates) and you can set literally whatever goals you want. The week starts on a Monday, and each time you make progress on a goal (like reading for an hour a week), you mark it off and score points (adding 10 reading minutes to Monday). You're shooting for a perfect 100 by Sunday. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Here's the best part IMO: the goals are weighted. If one goal (workout 30 minutes a day) is more important than others, you get more points for weighted goals. Having daily reminders of the things I'd like to be accomplishing and actually seeing progress towards those goals is making a huge difference!

Free Streaming Workouts
Netflix dumped all of their workouts (or hid them so well I cannot find them!), but Hulu has a few! I found these free workouts online as a non-Hulu Plus member. Spicing things up may be the secret to keeping me motivated to actually keep going! Besides, it's not like I have to break a sweat coming up with free workout playlists... 

Food Tracking 
I have a love-hate relationship with MyFitnessPal. It's super handy, with the barcode scanner and plethora of caloric totals in the food library. But it also makes it VERY clear when I've had a "bad" day. Psychologically, I can't even handle it. I do know that on days I know I've blown past my calorie goal for the day, I don't even bother logging my meals. It has other evil settings, too, like how it keeps showing me how much weight I've actually gained. But this is a new year. And it's not about shaming ourselves, right? It's about accountability and community. SO, who wants to be friends?! Find me on the app as pluckyinlove.

How's 2016 shaping up for you? ← "shaping up" hahahaha get it?? #punny

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  1. Ooooh I've been on the look out for for home workout videos! Going to check some of these out.

    1. I've only done the Denise Austen Daily Dozen, but this definitely helps me to stay on track since the gym is packed for the next few weeks and I can get a workout in at home. #noexcuses Hope these help you!

  2. I've heard of Wedding Diets being called, "The LGN Diet - Look Good Naked." That cracked me up

  3. i hate myfitnesspal lol. i used to like it, but you're right - it's too clear when you've had a bad day, and i think it encourages the bad parts of me (like wanting to eat under 500 calories a day). that app sounds fun though. good luck!

    1. Thank you! I definitely have the opposite problem. I'm like, "What?? I only get 1200 calories today?! My Starbucks drink in the morning is half my caloric intake for the whole day!" haha I totally understand, for sure. And thank you!

  4. has some great free workout videos too! (You can pay them, but there are lots for free!)