the sunday currently

(re-)reading  Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets
listening  to Miranda Lambert
thinking  it's time to get back on track with the Plucky Digest -- are you in?!
smelling  Seattle's Best Coffee, Dark and Intense edition
wishing  Christmas break could last at least another week 
hoping  the blog post planning I've done for the month of January pays off!
wearing  PJs James insisted on picking out for me because they're his and he wanted to snuggle and when we first started dating, I'd always borrow his t-shirts for snuggle time #fiancé
loving  the irunurun app! I cannot say enough about much this app helps motivate me! Someday, I'll score 100.
wanting  the two full tables of chocolate brownies in my dream last night. Who dreams about dessert tables? This girl.
needing  to figure out my wedding dress situation! All the sites and magazines say I need to figure it out this month in order to have time to get it altered and such in time for the wedding. Eep!!!
feeling  like a New Year closet purge might be in order -- out with the old, as they say
clicking  this. all of this.

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