My cat is a maniac -- HELP!

Ralph cat has been my constant companion for over half a decade. You'd think we'd have drawn some truces by now, but I just keep switching things up on him and he, like most cats, isn't the biggest fan of change. First, we moved to the beach. He actually handled that fairly well. He was a fan of 'just the two of us.' Then, I moved in with James and Ralph didn't have much of a say in the matter -- and three years later, he's still pretty vocal about this displacement as top dog. 

Lately, his favorite game consists of waiting until we're nice and sleepy, snuggled up and drifting off, and then WHAM CRASH BANG he knocks the computer keyboard onto the concrete floor, buttons and batteries breaking off and flying in every direction. I kid you not, we've had to put the keyboard back together 5 out of the last 7 days. He's a total menace! 

At first I thought maybe he was hungry, so I made sure to put food out just before going to bed.

No dice. 

Then I thought maybe he was thirsty, so I made sure his water bowl overfloweth-ed before going to bed.

Uh uh.

Finally I thought maybe having Daisy out of her crate in the night gave him hives, so I made sure Daisy was crated before going to bed.


I do not know how to please this cat!!! James is convinced this recent development can be "trained" out of him, but we crazy cat ladies know that no one just trains a cat. Why do you think lion tamers carry long, pokey sticks?? 

All I can do at this point is place the keyboard on the floor myself before going to bed, but wouldn't you know it? Somehow the mouse manages to crash-bang its way to the floor in the night anyway. 

SOME ONE HELP ME before that darn cat drives me up the wall!!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Our cat is a dick too. The only way we've seemed to help with that is letting him outside, where her burns off enough energy so that all he does is sleep once he's inside. Also, I find that if you ignore the maniac behaviors altogether (ours is usually crawling all over us and meowing his head off at 3 am) that they will eventually stop because what they really want is attention. Sure it sucks to suffer through it a few days and pretend not to notice, but then hopefully you'll be done with there crap for good!

  2. Our cat used to be just AWFUL. We got her a buddy and now she's MUCH better. Now he is a little bit of a menace... more so lately... but it could be an age thing. He's not very old. It sounds SO STUPID, but I got a kindle book called "think like a cat" even the cover is ridiculous, but it came recommended. It has a LOT of tips about cat behavior. Basically they are still wild animals and our environment needs to entertain them, and give them some opportunities that the wild would. It has a lot of toy recommendations, a lot of ways to play with them so they feel challenged, and advice about space set up. All that being said, there are still times that I can't figure out what the hell Scalawag thinks he needs... it's still hard. But I think it helps. If you want to nerd out about cat toys etc. (so this isn't THE longest comment EVER) just shoot me a note. XO -Alexandra

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  3. Check out Jackson Galaxy's website. He is the cat whisperer and is great with helping. Sounds like he could use some attention and playtime to get some energy out and maybe a space that can be just his. There are also essential oils that Jackson Galaxy says that can help with various cat needs.