Do These Things On Your Lunch Break for a Kick Ass Monday!

So, it's Monday. Let's make this Monday kick-ass, shall we? The web is infinite, or so it feels, but our lunch breaks are not. I've pulled together a list of things you sorta need to click today. I mean it --honest-to-goodness stuff you NEED TO DO today. Now, get started. You have 60 minutes.

 Visit the Newsroom
As I mentioned last week, I only recently discovered that an Amazon Prime subscription comes with free streaming of The Newsroom. If you are a Prime Member, just go ahead and bookmark those seasons. Not a Prime Member? I'm not a life coach, but a 30 day free trial just to catch up on all things Will McAvoy is probably not remiss.
Time: 10 minutes

 Turn an old smartphone into a home security system
This really makes me wish I hadn't cracked every screen and dunked my Note II in the potty. Technology is seriously cool. Check out this Kickstarter of the Week for more details!
Time: 10 minutes

 Add a "Back to Top" button to your blog
I love Sarah's  Saturday Blog Sessions and this is one that really stands out -- a sleek user nav optimization piece in the form a harmless Back to Top button. Are you a Blogger blogger? Here's how.
Time: 15 minutes

 Drop Spotify like a hot rock
I know. I know. EVERYONE loves Spotify. I just never have. It's clunky and invasive and is really out there with what people on your friends list have been listening to. I have no way to convince you that it's terrible (except T Swift isn't on board. need I say more??), but this might change your tune. ← get it?!
Time: 8 minutes

 Bust out the hand santizer...and remote sanitizer
As a frequent traveler, I'm sometimes intentionally naive to how the world works. Take this Lifehacker article about the germiest surfaces in hotel rooms, for example. I could have done a lot more traveling without ever knowing these things. EWW. I guess we should all add this to our list of Trip Advisor, Kayak, and Groupon travel research, eh?
Time: 5 minutes

 Warm your heart & pay it forward
Have you seen this story about the Starbucks employee who dances while he works? It's incredibly uplifting, and that seems important in this day and age. Grab a tissue and press Play.
Time: 10 minutes

 Install the Cartwheel App
Is your life basically a series of #targetdoesitagain moments? If so, you're likely already an avid Carthwheel user. If not -- why not?! I unlocked 3 badges this weekend. THREE! And saved $16 on my groceries, which was something like 20% off. Booyah!
Time: 2 minutes

Cheers to Monday! And making the best of it! Have more kick-ass links to share? Hook me up in the comments below.

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  1. I freaking love this idea for a blog post!! Great suggestions, thank you for including me!! :)

    1. Well, thanks, lady! And thanks for making a kick ass tutorial! ♥