I confess... we ran out of dog food so Daisy had treats, like People Crackers and Heart Health Nuggets, for breakfast this morning. She's one happy camper with a bit of a tummy ache. #BadDogMom

I confess... I managed to have just ONE beer and ONE slider at the Share the Love kick-off event last night! Probably not winning any Health Choice Awards anytime soon, but that's a big accomplishment for this bride-to-be!

I confess... I've got a mean 4 day streak on MyFitnessPal going this week! Hence, the one burger and one beer mentioned above.

I confess... I sent my first neurotic email to the entire wedding party this week and it felt too good. Here's hoping no one reports me as spam in the next 7 months!

I confess... the nail polish isn't chipping terribly this time around, but my cuticles have destroyed it from the other end. #rude

I confess... we have hit a point in Gilmore Girls (half way through Season 4) when I must have been busy with Senioritis (Represent, Class of 2005! what what!) because I don't think I've actually seen this chunk of the show. You know -- the part where they're renovating The Dragonfly and Lorelei is dating Jason? I've peeked ahead in the episode guide to see what's coming and I've definitely seen THE END of this season. Sheesh. Strange, huh?

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  1. I looooove that section of Gilmore Girls! I don't love Jason but the rest is good and at least he's funny with Lorelai :)

  2. I can't count how many times I've forgotten to restock Georgia's food and she's had a mix of dog treats and apples for breakfast. Someone recommend using Chewy's dog food service, it delivers the food on a schedule so you never run out, and it's been amazing. Granted I think Georgia misses those extra treat mornings.

  3. I dunno that episode is PRETTY dramatic... memorable... ;) Congrats on self restraint! I GOT YOUR SNAIL MAIL!! YAYYYY! :) :) :) Your photo is adorable. Speaking of that, I just did a post with the only photo shoot KC and I have done together in like 9 years if you need a mini break. :) XO - Alexandra

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