I confess... I've been slacking on my weekly goals. I guess that means I've got a whole hour of reading to catch up on this weekend. Shucks. 

I confess... I've had two good friends share that they'd love to start their own blogs and I AM EXCITED for this. 

I confess... Serial's new schedule is seriously breaking my heart.

I confess... I may have found my wedding dress. Like, for real! I have purchased a couple of dresses from Amazon and the first two were roughly $20 each and just....wouldn't work. I tried! Honest! Last weekend, I splurged on a $65 and an $85 dress (both have free returns!) to try on and test out. The first one has arrived and I sort of love it a lot. We'll see, as they say, but it's all very exciting!!!

I confess... Daisy had a fever earlier this week. I had never diagnosed a dog-fever before so we looked it up and discovered you can tell when their noses and tongues are very warm. And it was distinct. Her nose was on fire. It could have been a virus or something she ate, but she rallied by the end of the day that day and has been bouncing off the walls ever since!

I confess... it's been snowy and cold around here in the last few weeks and I'm glad for it! I was afraid winter would all but pass us by this time around and I'm glad it made an appearance. ...but it can go now. 

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  1. The snow is about to hit DC this weekend and everyone here is losing their minds! Congratulations on finding your dress (potentially)!

  2. I can't wait to see your dress choices!! I've always known of people who spend no more than $100 on a dress and people who spend no less than thousands. Its crazy!

    I'm glad Daisy is feeling much better! I didn't know dogs got fevers.

    Oh and when your friends get blogs, I would love to follow along. I've been trying to convince my friends and sisters to join in on the phone, but so far no go lol!

  3. Aw, glad Daisy is feeling better. We've had the most pathetic amount of snow.. just freezingness. Bleh. Yay for inexpensive dresses woot! And speaking of... totes planning a budgety post in your honor my friend. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. I love that you call dresses less than $90 "splurging". Can't wait to see how you shock the internet with your amazing choice!

  5. We are going to get snow her in NY this weekend and I'm totally bummed about it. I was hoping we'd kind of skip winter this year.