I confess... my phone screen is fixed and beautiful again and I have a sweet new case that I'm really thankful for because...

I confess... I did a half hour on the elliptical last night and managed to knock my arms into the headphone cord and throw my phone through the machine onto the ground.  I'm a menace with technology these days! But the phone is okay.

I confess... that I had my first ever nightmare last night in which I shouted "NOOOOO!" in my dream but actually said it out loud and woke myself up. I had a dream that a girl was trying to kill me and had me cornered. Before I could wake up and share this with James, he woke me up to tell me that he had a dream that I died. In his version, I collapsed suddenly rather than was savagely murdered. If you AND your partner dream you died in the same night, is that good luck? I'm thinking yes. 

I confess... this murderous dream likely stemmed from my nearly-nonstop consumption of Sword and Scale podcast, "The Following" series, and indigestion from too many servings of Nerds candies right before bed. 

I confess... I sneaked a few Mediterranean Diet meals into the rotation this week and James is none the wiser (til he reads this, that is. Hi, James!). We had Chicken Gyros Monday night and have all the fixin's for Fish Tacos ready to go. Tonight, though, we're having steak -- it's a process.

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  1. It has to be good luck! Getting a new phone is like a christmas/birthday gift that lasts for months!

  2. I personally think a good phone case is one of the best insurance policies one can have! People make fun of my clunky Otterbox, but it has save my phone on more than one occasion.

  3. Love these midweek confession linkups! Thanks for hosting!!!

  4. I did a very similar thing with my headphones at the gym and just had all the bros stare at me while they were pumping iron and I had to act all cool as I picked up phone. Oops.

  5. ha-ha I love when you can sneak a fast one past your dude with healthy and tasty meals. Terrified the guy last night with a head of cauliflower, but then it turned into rice and then into a delicious bacon + mushroom risotto. Win.