So, remember when I went to the Bahamas...?

I'll confess now that I considered postponing the trip. The Friday I secured our FREE besties trip to the Bahamas* was the Friday before I got engaged. We're talking a 24 hour turnaround here. So I'm texting Emily all day, setting up this complimentary blogger stay and she's on the other end like, "Ahh! She's about to get engaged and she doesn't even know it! AND WE'RE GOING TO THE BAHAMAS." I'm not a mind reader, but I assume it went something like that. It was shocking, that whole weekend, and I almost thought this trip would have to wait. But it didn't. We went. And I would NOT change it for the world.

To say our stay in Green Turtle Cay (pronounced "key," otherwise you sound like a tourist ) was paradise would be a bit of an understatement. Booking a room at The Bluff House in October meant we basically had the entire beach to ourselves. Thank goodness we found sunscreen at Dollar Tree or I'm pretty sure we'd have been as red as lobsters.

...but I'm getting ahead of myself. Have you ever been to a Bahamian island?? It's a bit of a process. We built in an extra day in Florida to get to and from the island and that was a serious lifesaver. For real. Watching a fellow traveller have a meltdown because he might miss his layover was not the highlight of the trip. So we stayed in West Palm Beach for the night before catching a (really really tiny) plane to Marsh Harbour airport. From there, we took a 40 minute taxi ride (about $100) to the ferry, but you HAVE to get there by 4:30PM to catch the last ferry of the day. VERY IMPORTANT. At this point, though, the stress was completely over. Like, melted away because this ferry dropped us off at the front steps of The Bluff House. Julian, the resort GM, waited there with a Tranquil Turtle rum punch and the most gorgeous views we've ever seen.

We spent five days just soaking up sun, sipping on rum punches, exploring the ocean side of the island -- the blues in the water there surpass explanation. You just have to see it. -- and snacking on everything from cheeseburgers to fine Bahamian cuisine. Oh yeah, and we snorkeled! Check back soon for a more in-depth look into our stay at the Bluff House itself!

*In case you missed it, this stay was complimentary. I visited as a member of the blogging press! Interested in ways YOU can blog for freebies? Check out my tips here! xoxo

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  1. So fun! So gorgeous... I would love to be somewhere warm and with ocean views right now. :) XO - Alexandra

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  2. Your trip looked amazing, friend!! So glad you had a relaxing and fun time!