Mrs. Bee's Bed and Breakfast: A Rhode Island Experience

Remember that little getaway we took to Rhode Island in October? I'm still dreaming about that Awful, Awful.  We had a great time exploring, and a huge part of that was how incredibly close our B&B was to just about everything! 

We stayed at Mrs. Bee's B&B in North Kingstown.* This was my first real experience in a bed and breakfast and I have to say it was pretty great. Mrs. Bee operates her B&B out of her home, so from the moment we arrived, we sort of felt like we'd just stepped into a long lost great-aunt's house. Everything was cozy and welcoming, including Molly the dog who couldn't wait to say Hello when we arrived!

In a quiet neighborhood but just blocks away from sushi and Italian (and AWFUL, AWFULS!), we really felt like visiting relatives, which was a wonderful feeling. BUT THEN SHE COOKED. You guys, the breakfast was incredible. Think apple pecan pancakes and ham n' cheese stuffed french toast. A variety of juices and fresh fruit. She even made us Johnny cakes, which were rather tasty AND historically significant. We ate breakfast each morning with the other guests who were staying, which was actually a really cool experience. We learned about one couple's new grandbaby and met a man from Arizona making his first trek up the East Coast.

Our room as an overflow room since the place was all booked up. It was super cute and very clean. We had access to a shared restroom, but had privacy in our room with the door closed. Big Bonus -- We got to take Daisy along for the ride! I was so excited to discover Mrs. Bee's is pet-friendly. Over the years they've had birds, cats, dogs, lizards, and even tomato bugs for a school project on the premises! 

Before we left, Mrs. Bee promised to make us homemade scones. Insider tip: Anyone who stays two or more nights can have homemade scones for the road. Yes, really! I requested apple cinnamon from the extensive list of flavors and we munched on them the whole way home.  

Sadly, I can't show you any pictures of breakfast OR scones because, well, we ate it all! If you're ever considering a getaway, I would highly recommend New England in the fall. The landscapes were just stunning. If you're in Kingstown, give Mrs. Bee a ring and she'll set you up in a homey little room that feels good to come home to.

Happy travelling!

*In case you missed it, this stay was complimentary. I visited as a member of the blogging press! Interested in ways YOU can blog for freebies? Check out my tips here! xoxo

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  1. This place looks so cozy! I definitely need to take my pup to meet Mrs. Bee as soon as possible. I need to see those scones for myself. Thanks for sharing your lovely review!

  2. UM AMAZING! It sort of reminds me of this place we like to stay in St. Louis! She has the best food and the coziest place too. :) The food sounds incredible! I tried to do the media kit... and alas... only Illustrator... no photoshop... *sobs*

    XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. I want to go here - and have scones! Maybe I will convince Kurt to stop at Mrs. Bee's on our New England road trip this summer before my 5 year reunion at cute!

  4. Now I have to go to Rhode Island. . . purely for this B&B.