The Bluff House :: Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

Last week, I reported that I almost didn't make it to the Bahamas in October. It was dicey, I tell you. But I have to admit, once we arrived, it was allllll worth it. The ferry dropped us off right at the front entrance to The Bluff House. Julian greeted us with a golf cart for our bags, a free rum punch to take the edge off, and the most beautiful views we'd ever seen. I kid you not. Our room -- nay -- suite was utterly fabulous. 

I was floored when we walked in. The room itself was gorgeous, and on the top floor overlooking the water's edge. We had private restrooms, our own WiFi password, refrigerator, and a super comfy bed. After oo-ing and ah-ing our way around the room a few times, Emily and I promptly headed to the beach to see what we could see. 

We learned that there are technically no private beaches on the island. Since we traveled there in October, the off season, we practically had the beach to ourselves. Tables, lounge chairs, and umbrellas - we had our pick of the best spots on the beach. 

This is the first year The Bluff House has accepted guests this late in the season. If I get to pick, I'll go again this time of year. I'm not one for crowds, which made this set up practically perfect for my anti-social ways. That's not to say there weren't plenty of friendly faces, however. We learned that many travelers are frequent visitors to the island and the locals treat many of them like family. We witnessed more than one reunion at dinner time in the Tranquil Turtle Beach Bar. 

One dapper gentleman hosted his 70-something birthday party on the deck while we were having dinner. Oh, the stories he told... His wife shook her head and smiled at his many shenanigans. I'm convinced we made friends for life. 

Not to mention, we did meet some fellow explorers from Switzerland who invited us to swim with the pigs -- and who can say no to that?! time...

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  1. Oh man. How beautiful. Loving these pictures girl. And yes, definitely feeling the jealousy. If I am ever lucky enough to go to the bahamas, I'll have to look into The Bluff House.