Do these things on your lunch break for a kick-ass Tuesday!

So, it's Tuesday. Let's make this Tuesday kick-ass, shall we? The web is infinite, or so it feels, but our lunch breaks are not. I've pulled together a list of things you sorta need to click today. I mean it --honest-to-goodness stuff you NEED TO DO today. Now, get started. You have 60 minutes.

- Prep for the final GOP debate tonight with The Skimm Libs.

- Stop putting off that White Elephant Office Party purchase and use it as an excuse to run to Target after you finish your sandwich. Need ideas? These are spectacular.

- Why not throw in a little something ugly for yourself while you're at it?

- No, it wasn't a dream. Serial Podcast really is a station on Pandora this time around. Are you listening for the next 45 minutes? Yes? Good human.

- Take a beat to thank our lucky stars for new HP and GG on the way in 2016. Wha???

- If you only have time to do one really kick-ass thing today, consider this. #BeTheChange

Cheers to Tuesday! And making the best of it! Have more kick-ass links to share? Hook me up in the comments below.

But, really. A HUGE thank you for the lovely humans who signed up for the Weekly Digest yesterday! You're amazeballs! In case you missed it, get in here for plucky updates and (most importantly) FREE STUFF. Are you in?

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