I confess... I'm getting old enough to not know the hippest songs or bands on pop radio. This doesn't seem like a bad thing.

I confess... I'm so glad to have my Rhode Island trip reviews (here & here) posted so I can start telling you all about da Bahamas.

I confess... re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone as a grown up has been a strange experience.

I confess... I'll be visiting the Yelp bazaar for the first time this year and I'm very excited!

I  confess... I haven't been commenting very much lately, but I have been reading all the blogs! Honest!

I confess... I'm hitting The Wedding Diet hard and there's a marked difference in how long I can manage to be pleasant throughout the day.

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  1. i'm not getting married but i'm still on a diet and it SUCKS. i feel.

  2. Sometimes getting older isn't so bad with the first thing. It took me forever to know who Justin Bieber was-haha.

  3. Why are diets so hard?! Sometimes I feel like it ain't no thang but these days I want to eat ALL THE CARBS! Alsoooo can't wait to read about the Bahamas!

  4. I want to re-read the Harry Potter series... Its been so long since I've read it, i'm sure it would be strange

  5. Diets are the absolute worst! Especially this time of year... It's so hard to say no to all the baked treats! Rereading Harry Potter as an adult definitely is a different experience, but I don't think those books could ever lose their magic :)

  6. How about the "fixing the work website" diet? Does that make you lose weight from stress or gain it from having a drink? ;)

  7. Your RI post was awesome! :) Excited to read about the Bahamas too! :) XO - Alexandra

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