On Wednesdays, we confess. If you don't confess, you can't sit with us.

I confess... I watched the GOP debate last night. Regardless of the beliefs any potential candidate may hold, I'd have really enjoyed references to precedent, utilizing evidence, and the phrase "research suggests" to be used more often.

I confess... I got our Christmas cards out in the mail this morning! They should get there well before the 25th. I'm such an overachiever this year.

I confess... the SIXTH annual ugly sweater party is this Friday and we haven't started getting anything ready. We're completely rearranging our studio apartment (plus garage space?) to host 30 people. That's roughly 4 sq ft per person.

I confess... I super enjoy online shopping because I always forget what I bought, so when the package arrives, it's like the best surprise. I know I'm going to love whatever is inside. Great, right?

I confess... I've been mostly sticking The Wedding Diet, except for that bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos and the red wine and.... Ugggggh. I promise you, though, this IS better than I was doing before. I think.

I confess... Sword and Scale podcast hit my radar this week. I listened to this episode first and I am hooked. Crime. Legal system. Motivations. Psychology. Testimony. You name it. Perfect for those times you're drawn to the dark and twisty things. Listener discretion is advised.

Wednesday Confessions
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  1. I totally took some photos this weekend for my christmas cards and I ended up being in my t-shirt in most of them! They don't look as festive as I imagined they would be because of this crazy warm weather.

    Also, you need that red wine for wedding planning. Hope the rest of your diet goes well ;)

  2. ohhh - I'm always looking for a good podcast - I have to check it out now :)

  3. Best of luck with your sweater party, it's going to be fun and your guests will just have to deal with no personal bubble. I'm a little of the same way with my online shopping habits and have a few boxes to keep track of this week while they all arrive in tandem before Christmas.

  4. oh man i still haven't done anything with christmas cards. oops! i keep a folder in my email for all my online shopping, otherwise i do forget and re-order hahaha.