I confess... I am OBSESSED with this website!

I confess... that I have been consistently following The Wedding Diet for 2.5 days. Woo?

I confess... these playlists are making my life very jolly indeed.

I confess... that I'm building my own ugly sweater this year thanks to a kit I got for Christmas last year! I can't wait!!

I confess... that the number of Christmas parties on the horizon aren't making me an angry elf.

I confess... Alyssa's article about millennials and happiness has got me thinking. I have always heard that our 30s will rock and our 20s are supposed to be rocky, but it sort of throws all of that out the window.

I confess... building a wedding registry at Target is a dangerous, dangerous game of "how many faux fur rugs and white antler decor can I sneak past my future husband." James-2, Me-0

Wednesday Confessions
What do you confess??

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  1. LOVE THAT GIF! You're the cutest. xo

  2. You are my relationship goals. that gif is adorable!

  3. I love how you make the gifs! I have so many parties coming up including my birthday too. I love having a full calendar.

  4. hehhe adorable!! KC just used the little registering gun thing like an actual gun... and was an absolute spaz. Which was fun, but certainly also explains how we had a baby car seat on there somewhere... ha! Super psyched for the holidays.. I definitely have my '90's - '00's poptar xmas playlist on repeat... I should post that! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  5. I need to get in touch with our venue and get that booked -- wedding stuff is so hard! I definitely wish that I had more Christmas parties to attend ha ha.

  6. Can I make a Target registry for Christmas? Or my 27th birthday? I don't think a wedding is in my near future but I want a Target registry more than I want a husband....
    Thanks for the link love! Fear not, my interpretation of the article is that our generation will continue to be consistently happier as we age too because we got it right in our twenties to begin with ;)

  7. That gif is adorable! I'm definitely going to check out those playlists while I'm decorating this weekend. Also, I went to Target last weekend, for the first time in months, and it was a borderline religious experience. So I vote you put everything on that registry!

  8. ha-ha Brooke did it right with a registry at West Elm!