The One Easy Way to Drink More Water

Hiiiii. I'm back with another tutorial, y'all! Remember my amazing tips for the perfect messy side braid? Well, I'm feeling frisky with another super helpful tutorial that's about to change your life. Many of us struggle to get in our daily recommended amount of water, right? Here comes my top-secret, #PluckyLife approved method for tricking yourself into drinking more water.

Are you ready?!

The easiest, simplest, absolutely FOOL PROOF way to drink more water each day is --


Coffee is really just hot, flavored water. It doesn't get any simpler than that, right?

You're so welcome. I know. I know. You never realized it could be that easy! But it is! So what if caffeine is a diuretic?! I'm not a health professional (obvs) so it counts in my book! Again, this tutorial is actually pretty lame buttttt I do have some legit guides for how to get FREE STUFF as a blogger. Check it out if you like! 

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  1. oh godddddddddd i'm so bad at drinking water. it's a dumb thing to be 'bad' at; i just kind of...forget? but i'm totally down to drink more coffee; CAN I DO THAT?

  2. ewwww i hate coffee though. haha. i totally count my 3 cups of tea a day as water. it's just hot water with a tea bag and a little bit of milk, totally counts.

  3. Hahahaha yes, I totally think of it this way too. Beer is mostly water too so.... I might sub that for evenings?

  4. LMFAO! You do have a Valid Point. I'm just not a fan of coffee. So i'll stick to my boring plain water and maybe go a little wild and add Crystal Light. I am such a bad ass!

  5. lololol coffee always makes me thirsty and then I chug my water... so win, win? XO -Alexandra

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