Happy Monday!

We had our engagement photos taken this weekend! This isn't one of them. This is a test run that I insisted we do during the most gloriously perfect snowfall of all time. We took 10 pictures in a row, and right before this, a biker went whizzing past between us and the camera. The surprise of it caught me totally off guard, and made me laugh. James is unphased, and has strange facial hair since he shaved it all off for Halloween. But anyway...

Reading about how Barbie began has been a really eye-opening experience for me. In fact, I think I like Barbie even more than I used to. When I saw this ad and the headline about Mattel doing something great with Barbie this year, I felt a little swell of pride. Is that weird?

Happy Monday! Here's hoping we can survive the next few days til the holidays begin!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Hope you had fun taking your pictures. We had ours done earlier this year in January. I thought it would be super awkward but after a bottle of champagne we had a blast! Happy Monday to you!

  2. hehe, I love this photo. So cute. I'm jeally of the snow.

  3. That is such a cute photo! I cannot wait to see how your engagement photos turned out :) I have been putting off getting ours done.. now I really want to!

  4. aw man i love that photo!! i hope you get it framed :)