I confess... that we've watched the first six Harry Potter movies in a week. James had never seen them. Travesty.

I confess... that I'm once again pretty sure I'm meant to go to Hogwarts.

I confess... that I'm very sad for the #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN challenge to be almost over.

I confess... we've already had to take my ring in for repairs. Ahh! Who knew pearls were so soft?!

I confess... that I'm finally all caught up in Grey's. What the what?!

I confess... that I'm looking forward to completely stuffing my face in the next four days. NOMZ.

I confess... I spilled wine in my bed and slept on the couch instead of cleaning it up because I'm a grown up, obviously.

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  1. Awwww, this photo and this coloring book had me dreaming of finding my own solitude in adult coloring books. Well done. Best of luck for the future of your gorgeous ring!

  2. I seriously need that coloring book. Love HP. Love adult coloring books. It just makes sense. Also, thank you for the huge LOL on that last one. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Ten points to Gryffindor for rectifying the whole "not having seen the HP movies" situation. Anyone who brings that goodness and light to another deserves at least ten, perhaps twenty house points. I just bought my roommate that colouring book for her birthday and it took a lot of will power to hand it over...

  4. Ah so much Harry Potter love in the post! I also am looking forward to stuffing my face for the next 4 days :D

  5. Um, where did you get that Harry Potter coloring book?! I want one! When I found out that my fiance had not seen the HP movies I almost fell over in shock! He has since been forced to watch them :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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  7. Oh my god. I need that Coloring Book. I keep passing it at work but I need it in my life. And there's a second coming in January. Yesssss.

    Wait. What the what. He had never seen Harry Potter?! Glad that situation has been fixed!