I confess... I've been to the gym more than once in the last 7 days! I mean, just barely more than once, but it still counts!

I confess... that I'm really excited to attend this webinar this afternoon!

I confess... that I am obsessed with this song.

I confess... that you guys are rocking the #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN instagram challenge!!

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  1. I confess that I've been super slacking on my instgram Challenge -.- I gotta get my act together. I've never heard that song and I am totally digging it!!

  2. Aw fun! I love that picture of James and Daisy. :) I think I've only missed 1 or 2 days... not too bad!! :) Planning on blog confessing Friday.. because I had the day off yesterday... and a new post just did not happen! :) XO -Alexandra

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