I confess... that I am obsessing about the perfect wedding website design. Like, a lot.

I confess... that I am having a blast with the #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN instagram challenge this month!

I confess... that I didn't have coffee until almost 10am today. Rough life.

I confess... that I am still having a very hard time adjusting back to reality from all the travelling.

I confess... that my confessions are lame today.

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  1. i always have the toughest time adjusting after vacation. and it's 1pm and i STILL haven't had coffee. well, i don't drink coffee, but there you go ;)

  2. Wait - did you get up before 10? or just late drinking coffee? I wouldn't have made it to 10 without coffee :) haha

  3. It's so hard to come back to the real world after vacation. It takes me almost a month! haha kidding, sort of...

  4. Lol your confessions aren't lame at all.

    Mmm. Coffee. I could go for some in the worst way.

  5. I'm loving the #PluckytoNothin instagram challenge! I've found some new cool blogs from it! Just 2 more days till the weekend, girl! We can do it!

  6. My afternoon coffee did not help me at all yesterday... whomp whomp. Definitely wishing I was jetting off somewhere fabulous. I tend to travel super heavy until I lose all of my energy. I don't want to miss anything! So by the time vacation is over, I'm ready to be home. ;) XO -Alexandra

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