7 Things To Do Today Because -- Hello! It's November!

Am I the only one who's not mad that I'm hearing Christmas carols through the loud speaker in the grocery store today? Probably. It's November! As much as I love celebrating October for all its pumpkin-y goodness, I love this month because it's all about transition. In 30 days we go from Halloween costumes to a giant family feast to decking the halls. My type-A personality isn't typically into so much change but I like the adventures November takes us on, don't you? In honor of this fall/winter month, a to-do list!

November 2nd To Do List

Join the #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN Photo a Day on Instagram
We started yesterday, so you're pretty much right on schedule to get to do the whole darn thing! Just use the daily prompts as a loose guide for posting each day in November and use hashtag #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN to play along. Oh, and did I mention participants can win prizes?? 

Thank a military family
Veteran's Day is 11th, and all month long is Military Family Appreciation Month. In this month of gratitude and family, many thanks are in order.

Go star-gazing
PLENTY to see in the sky after dark these days! Look up tonight through Nov. 4th to see some Halloween fireballs dancing across the sky. Three cheers for star-spangled dance parties in space!

Crockpot Turkey Chili
I seriously cannot get enough of this slow cooker! Turkey is the theme this month, of course, so who's down for a batch of this delish crockpot turkey chili?!

Queue the Thanksgiving Specials
Why are the holiday episodes always the best?! I think they feel a bit like home, maybe? In any case, I'd recommend catching Gilmore Girls "Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving", Everybody Loves Raymond "The Bird", and Friends "The One With All The Thanksgivings." Your Netflix queue will thank me later.

Two words -- blanket. scarf.
I appreciate that fashion has decided to celebrate my favorite winter outfit -- simply wrapping myself in a blanket before going out in public. I would like one it every color, pattern, and fabric-type, please. 

Treat yourself to a red cup
That's right! Starbucks red cups are officially back, y'all! You know you want one. Might I also recommend the Thanksgiving Blend?? This weekend, I swapped it out at the last second from my usual favored roast, Sumatra. Not a bad swap, really!!

This is legitimately a list of things I'm going to do today. What about you? Do you have special plans to ring in November in style?! I'd love to hear about them in the comments below. ♥

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!


  1. I am beyond excited that caramel brulee, peppermint mocha and all my other favorites are back!!! Star gazing sounds perfect :)

  2. I went to Starbucks yesterday & ended up getting an iced drink & then thought, dang it, I coulda had a red cup :) Why its important? I don't know but it makes me happy

  3. I'm loving your monthly to-do lists. Adorbs. I am totally going to try to be very good at participating in your IG thing, because it's fun and because I can if I focus on it. I can focus right? : / Totally looking into this chili recipe.... because I'm all about Chili and Cornbread... Lastly, that Gilmore Girls episode is most definitely one of my all-time favorites... It's just so so good. :) It is definitely one of KC and I's traditions to watch it! We also make pies and cranberry sauce (from scratch, nom) every year for Thanksgiving. I may or may not watch all of the hallmark countdown to Christmas really bad made for TV movies... ok I give up on the REALLY bad ones. But, I'm basically an old lady. We also like to watch Dan in Real life. Which we already did. Such a good one. Plus maybe some gratitude journaling/projects. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. Loveee Thanksgiving specials!!! This post makes me so happy haha.

  5. yes to blanket scarves - all day every day! I recently found a whole bunch at H&M for pretty cheap! on my to do list this month - read more!
    Robin | robineylea.com

  6. Love the idea of thanking a military family!! And you know my queue is already lined up with the Gilmore Girls and the Friends!

  7. yayyy blanket scarves! and crockpots. my favourite things!

  8. I've been avoiding Starbucks because I wasn't allowed to have coffee. Dr orders. But it's been lifted and now I'm wanting to try that Toasted Graham Latte.

    Loving the Instagram Challenge by the way! Thank you!

  9. I think I might be treating myself to a red cup a little too often. I don't think my wallet appreciates it.