5 VIP IGers (and that time I had hives...sort of)

Tay mentioned some wedding nightmares last week, and the power of suggestion is strong with this one. Meaning, of course, the mere mention of a wedding nightmare had me dreaming I found my entire body broken out in hives on my wedding day. Or maybe they were chicken pocks, or maybe I was just really pimply. In any case, eww. And thanks, Tay.

The really exciting story today, however, is that we're half way through the #PLUCKYtoNOTHIN instagram challenge!! You guys have been rocking it! I've met some cool new igers and I can't believe how creative you all can be with these prompts!

Here are a few of my new favorites, thanks to this little November photo challenge!

@norasnark is pretty adorable and I greatly enjoy her humor and style!
@anna_claire_hodge hangs out with Disney princesses and rocks out in swanky pizza jammies. #winning
@sarcunningham's last three posts in this order: coffee. scarf. dog. We're basically soulmates.
@sarahintheglasses steals my heart for obvious reasons (hello -- Sarah in glasses?!), and her style and food choices aren't too shabby either. 
@salsatheblog definitely posts it for the aesthetic! I love the composition of pretty much every photo in her feed.
Check out of some of these folks and let me know your favorites!
Ready to jump in on this week's prompts?!

16 - local
17 - blanket
18 - sweat
19 - adventure
20 - ink
21 - screen
22 - xo

Tomorrow, I WILL be blogging about Rhode Island adventures! My 'gest people know what I'm talking 'bout.

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  1. Haha oh my gosh I just saw this! I'm pretty sure we're the same person most of the time!