When your dog is a genius

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with my dog, right? That's right -- MY dog. James only gets to claim her when she's taking a dump in our shower or lapping up toilet water. All other times, she's mine!

She basically the smartest and cutest dog on the planet. I'm not just saying that -- I have proof!!

For example, her trick repertoire includes (but is not limited to):
High Five
Other High Five
Give a Kiss

Genius, right? Earlier this week, I remembered a PBS special about how smart dogs are. One of the canines knows all of her toys by name and there are, like, over 100 toys. They even try to trick her by introducing a new toy and calling it by a new name. After some confusion, she puts two and two together and picks up the right toy. It's incredible. 

So, this is our new venture. I'm trying to get Daisy to bring me Turtle. No -- turtle. Not the ball! Drop it! BRING ME TURTLE. 
...it's going well.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I don't know if this was included in that PBS docu but I read something recently about how dogs are super emotionally intelligent too and can ascertain their humans' emotions by the tone of their voice. So basically, dogs are as smart as humans and also 100% less annoying and mean. Dogs rule.

  2. My dad used to play hide and go seek with his pup, it was so funny to watch. I was always amazed with how quickly he was able to find his toy no matter where it was hidden! Our two pups are pretty smart when they calm down but when they are hyper it is impossible to get them to listen ha ha! Dogs are the greatest :D