The one with a .gif of us taking wedding shots

Do you ever have a weekend and you're like, Yep. This is my life. AND I LOVE IT. ??

This weekend was amazeballs. For starters, Hannah was on fall break from her senior year, so we had the most enormous pizza and garlic knuckles and basically ate ourselves into a coma. Then I got watch her play flute at the football game! So, maybe our hometown heroes were down 21-0 at the half.... That's just kinda how it is in our hometown. The band sounded great, though.

Saturday, the good times just kept rolling. I met 3 month old twins! Ahhh! I am having some SERIOUS baby fever right now. Like, the kind from which I might never recover. I'm looking at you, uterus.

Then Saturday night, we celebrated Nate and Michelle's marriage! These two seriously have the right idea! They eloped in Vegas!! #1. What a freaking cool story is that to tell?? and #2. Staring down the barrel of my own wedding budget -- let's just say the eloping idea is appealing. 

Sunday, James and I had one of our favorite dates -- visiting open houses of homes we'll, like, NEVER be able to afford. Let me tell you, there are some nice kitchens out there. For real. It's so crazy to think that this won't always be a strictly "for fun" activity!!

Now, to find a way to hold it together this week. FOUR days until we leave for Rhode Island and EIGHT days until da Bahamas. AHHHH!

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  1. All the money saved eloping!! ... or at least partying it up in Vegas :)
    Love the gif

  2. My husband, Andrew, & I LOVE looking at houses we could never afford too! haha. Why is it so fun??? So excited to hear about your Bahamas trip coming up... Ahh! It's almost here! :)

  3. OMG, I now need pizza and garlic knuckles something fierce!!! Hahaha.

  4. oh man, i would cry if i looked at houses i couldn't afford haha. especially with pretty kitchens. love that gif!
    i wish we had eloped lol.

  5. lollololol I assumed shots was like photos... lololol You crack me up! Yes. I totally totally would have loved to have eloped/had a destination wedding. Oh the stress! My sister said the same thing through her planning.. I should ask her if she still feels that way after the fact. :) XO -Alexandra

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