Rhode Island or Bust!

Today is the day we hit the rhode! #RhodeIslandOrBust That's a 14 hours road trip with a science nerd and a shaggy pup in the car. Think: RadioLab marathons and doggy drool. I really can't wait! I've never been to Rhode Island before! Well, actually, I have hardly been to New England at all - if we're barely counting NYC. Any suggestions?! We're staying in Kingstown, but I've heard every place in Rhode Island is a stone's throw away. 

Since I'm going to be out of town, I wanted to take a minute to clean house.

  • CONFESSIONS: Thanks to everyone who linked up their confessions yesterday! Keep an eye out next Wednesday for another chance to get all the things off your chest.
  • THE PLUCKY DIGEST: The brand new Weekly 'gest is coming at you on Sunday! I consider myself pretty thrifty, in life and in blogland, and now I'm sharing the FREE stuff you need to be getting in on! Are you in?
  • BOOK CLUB: Sorrrrry for the delay, team! Keep an eye on your inbox in the next week for details about the next meeting! New to cyber book club? Get the details here.
  • INSTA-FRIENDS: I'll be posting all of the glorious, #basic Autumness that is Rhode Island in October on this long weekend. You're probably going to want to see this. → @PluckyInLove
Now to get my playlists in order for the long drive. I think I'll kick it off with this fave:

Happy Friday Eve!

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