Four Road Trip Games That Will Take You Back

We are on the road today! That 4am wake up call was rough but the landscape is more than making up for it! The cooler is stocked with waters and nuts and granola bars, so we're definitely not starving to death. One thing I always seem to forget about long car trips is how little there is to do in the car. Enter: Road Trip Games

Remember these? The winner gets DJ duty or Shotgun or a variety of other perks that basically make you the Road Trip Ruler. #winning

1. Name That Tune
Be the first person to name the song from the opening notes or you lose.

2. Slug Bug - No Slug Backs
Basically just an excuse to take out cramped, motion-induced frustrations by "seeing" a VW. Good luck with that gas mileage thing...

3. License Plate Alphabet Challenge
Is that a lowercase "l" or an uppercase "I"? My interpretation relies fully on how many points an L gets me.

4. Quiet As A Mouse
Finally appreciating this game as an adult. Kids, it's not a joke. This game is the bomb. First person to talk loses! Ready!?GO!

How do you pass the time on a long trip? Let me know in the comments below!

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I believe that first game is actually called ONE TO NOTHIN'! ;) Have fuuuuun!! xo

  2. We always played the "celebrity game" where one person says a famous person, then using the first letter of the last name of that celebrity the next person has to go, for example "George Clooney", and then the next person could say "Clint Eastwood" and so on. Double initals "reverse" the game if there's more than two people, so "Marilyn Monroe" for example. It is a good way to pass time!

  3. We always played slug bu. Though we called it punch bug. This reminds me of How I Met Your Mother and playing Zitch dog too hahah!

  4. Hope you are having a BLAST! We make up the dumbest games on our road trips, and have really great life talks. I love love love it. But often we are freakin' tired! So here are just a few of the dumbest games we've made up ...

    Name that Scat Tune - yes scatting a song, so the other person can guess it. Mostly it ends in hysterically cracking up and in tears because it's so ridiculous and impossible.

    Another good one? Take the names of the stores and restaurants you see along the way and say them in a sleezy voice like they are adult store names. I dunno about Indiana.. but sooo much of the Midwest highway is filled with adult stores and anti abortion billboards in fields! Strange combo. So we kind of enjoy making light of the adult store part. For example, Steak N' Shake ends up with a whole new meaning... ewwww. Hilarity ensues. Life is good. Almost considering not publishing this... because it's ridiculous... but I'm gonna go ahead and do it... lollolololol :) XO -Alexandra

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