confessions (on a Thursday)

I confess that it took nearly 100 selfies to get this semi-clear (and strangely authentic) picture of Ralph with my new blanket scarf. #LOVE

I confess that I was too busy looking at all the wedding websites yesterday to get confessions posted.

I confess that I haven't started a new book yet, but I'll be sending out a #PluckyReads Book Club update soon!

I confess that it is NOT possible that next weekend is Rhode Island and the next weekend is Da Bahamas. What?!

I confess that I have my eyes on the Samsung Note 5. Like, have you seen it? It's very pretty. ♥

I confess that I sort of can't wait for Halloween this year! What are you going as??

I confess that I'm running late today, as usual. Where does the time go??

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Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Ooooo! I like this post idea!! Still cold and mad that you are going to The Bahamas. Any chance I can come along? No just kidding. I don't have my vacation body yet. Give me another 5 years lmao

  2. Running Late = This is Always my life. Going to the bahamas though? Never my life.

  3. That picture is adorable! It would take me more than 100 selfies to get my pet still for a picture, and You're going to love the Bahamas!? You're going to love the Island life (: Safe Travels ♥

  4. Taking 100 selfies to get the one perfect selfie is always a must. I take a ridiculous amount of selfies before I'm satisfied :)

  5. I hear ya with the 100 selfies problem. Story of my life. Got to get that perfect pic though, ya know?! haha

  6. I hate when my cloud holds all the 100 throw away selfies that are junk.

  7. That blanket scarf is gorgeous and I cannot wait until I move to cold temps so I can have one without feeling like a total poser, lol!! xo

  8. Oh Ralph! What a cutie. That's adorable. Eeeee have fun on your back to back trips! Girl, you are going to be so so so freaking tired after all of it, but have the BEST time!! :) I also confess that I'm the WORST selfie taker ever... I take 5 and half are blurry and I'm always making some sort of dumb face. I can't decide if I want to give up completely or start taking more for practice. ugh, whatever. YAY Halloween! Super stoked! We haven't really revealed our costumes to anyone yet, but they're going to be legit. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. I still can't figure out what I want to be for Halloween ha ha! I always have to take tons of selfies too to get the right one. That is such a cute cat and a cute scarf!!