the sunday currently

reading  the #PluckyReads pick for September - Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
listening  to Miranda Lambert Pandora
thinking  a lot about high school, remembering things I thought were long gone
smelling  the peach cobbler I baked this morning because I'm a domestic goddess
wishing  I could get motivated to actually take my health and fitness seriously
hoping  my bank account doesn't overdraw (again) this month #adulting?
wearing  PJ's because it's noon on Sunday
loving  all the fall pictures and posts I've been seeing on insta
wanting  a cheeseburger
needing  to intentionally unplug a few times this week
feeling  happy that James got himself a new camera so I don't share his old one with him anymore
clicking  Sage the Blog

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Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I am in desperate need of unplugging this week (and pretty much in general). I'm also LOVING all the fall instas happening right now :)

  2. Unplugging is always awesome in my book, it's nice to turn it all off for a while.