The Secret to the Perfect Messy Side Braid

I've been reading and hearing a lot about how I need to write some tutorials around here. I'm pretty much living life on Level: Expert at this point, so it would be kind of shame not to share all of the wonderful ways to get in on the #PluckyLife.  Be prepared to be wowed. WOWED, I SAY, as I walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting the purrrr-fect messy side braid. 

Step One: Grow really, really, really thick hair on your head. I'm talking enough hair to cover 3 - 4 people's heads. 

Step Two: Because the experts say you can't fix clean hair, just never wash it. Like, once a week is plenty. More than enough, even.

Step Three: Before bed, put your hair in a side braid. Be sure not to brush or wash it first. See Step #2 for reference.

Step Four: Wake up in the morning and just wear the braid you put in the night before. SO WHAT if sections of are matted and have little pieces of lint? It's a messy braid! That's the whole point! 

Step Five: No messy side braid tutorial is complete without a little fur baby* action. I mean, just really snuggle in there. Don't worry about messing up your hair. PRO TIP: The messier, the better!

Whew. Okay. So, there you have it. I know it's a lot of steps but try not to be intimidated.

Hey! I really liked that!!  So, this side braid tutorial is actually pretty lame buttttt I do have some legit guides for how to get FREE STUFF as a blogger. Check it out if you like! I'm actually not a huge fan of reading tutorials in blog posts, so I'm planning to post some on this page from time to time for anybody interested. But I just can not clog bloglovin feeds with even more How-To's.

Be sure to leave your honest feedback in the comments below about this sweet side braid tutorial. 

*This phrase causes me deep, personal inner crisis! I have been vehemently against this phrase in the past because -- rebel without a cause? Whatev. All I know is, when I attempted to save this image, "pets" did NOT even cross my mind as a possible photo title. Also, the cuddling of a chubby kitteh like he's my newborn son is, like, normal, yeah?

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