I'm going to the Bahamas!!! #PluckyReports


So I mentioned yesterday that I'M GOING TO THE BAHAMAS FOR FREE! Ahhh!! I still haven't let that sink in just yet. But okay. Basically, I created a media kit, sent out some asks, and lucked into this GORGEOUS little resort on Turtle Cay. 

My best girl, Emily, and I are taking a Girls Only vacay in late October and we'll be staying at The Bluff House. Apparently we'll be some of the only visitors on the island, seeing as that's the off-season for the Bahamas and all. The average temperature is predicted to be 82ΒΊ. Perfection, no? 

I hope you'll check out this fun little step-by-step infographic I put together AND that you'll help a sister out! I am not a megablogger (or even close!). I would really, really, REALLY love it if you were up for helping a fellow (normal) sister out. To be clear, the resort in NO WAY asked me to ask you to do these things. But I'm sort of still in shock and I feel like we've got to prove to them that I have some klout.... ish.

1. It would be SO COOL if 5 people tweeted this today!!

2. Check out The Bluff House, comment or tweet, and tell them @PluckyInLove sent ya.
Instagram: @BluffHouseBahamas

I am not wealthy or well-connected, so I have nothing to giveaway to you except my love. If you do either (or both!) of these things, please please let me know! I would love to return the favor for you! If you have a link up or need a vote cast for an online competition, I would be happy to help!

Seriously, though, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Next up, I'll be starting a countdown. I'm struggling because I know it's common to do "Packing Playlists" and "Top 5 Vacation Photo Opps," but I'm just not really that sort of girl so tomorrow, I'm hoping to share some of the responses I've heard so far about this "free" trip to the Bahamas. Trust me. They're doozies. 

You guys. I found out about all this THE DAY BEFORE James proposed. Can you imagine what that 48 hours of life felt like?? Surreal is still the best descriptor. Just -- surreal. 

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  1. hehe best 48 hours ever! So happy for you... I need your media kit steps like right now... I wanna go! :) XO - Alexandra

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