Five Weeks, Five Wishes

Five weeks from today, we will be on the island. What?! Emily and I have just under 5 weeks to get ourselves mentally and physically prepared to report on a week stay in Turtle Cay. There was a panicked text earlier this week that read, "Do they take US cash in the Bahamas???" Before you freak out, we discovered the answer is Yes. Yes, they do. That got me thinking about what else I'll need to definitely, absolutely, 100% confirm will be accessible on the island.


They're bound to have a coffee shop or a coffee pot or some hot water we can make instant coffee with, right? This is vital.


Sure, the health benefits are questionable, but I've picked my poison and my poison is Diet Coke and they have that on tiny Bahamian islands, right?


Of course, it would be more bad@$$ to go off the grid for this adventure but past experience tells me that being stingy with my data makes for a stressful trip.... 


Not worried about this one. Those are everywhere, right?


I just have a feeling, with all of the reading and relaxing we'll be doing, I might run out of reading material. At the very least, maybe they'll have a little free library?

Alrighty. Five weeks until we leave and five wishes for the island! See last time's 6 weeks post here. Pop in next Friday for 4 weeks to go! 

PS. This list. Could I BE more millennial?? #basic

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  1. That is still so crazy that you are going to be going to the Bahamas! So cool! I definitely hope all of those things can be found on the island :)