Bark in the Park at Victory Field!

We had such a blast last night at the last Bark in the Park of the year! With our puppy passes, we had a special entrance just to the side of the regular entryway. A nice man took our waiver, checked our bags, and sent us inside. There were puppies everywhere! Daisy and her bud Claude (who won the free ticket giveaway!) were shaking with excitement. I can only imagine what all they were smelling - humans, dogs, food, grass, more dogs. All the very best things! 

Once inside the park, we were greeted by some ladies with canine fashion scarves. "Would you like a scarf?" they asked the pups. "Sure!" we humans promptly replied. We also received a little packet of dog treats and entered a drawing for a chance to win a doggy goodie bag! 

In all of the excitement of arriving, we almost forgot that we needed to find a seat. Spying a spot of empty grass, we began to snake our way through the fray. Along the way, we were sniffed by giant great danes, curly toy poodles, a rolly polly boxer pup, strutting bulldogs, huggable shih tzus, and one older basset hound who's frequent howls were reminiscent of a grumpy old curmudgeon shooing kids off his lawn.  

We couldn't settle in to watch the game, of course, until we had our craft beers from SunKing in hand! During Bark in the Park games, $1.00 from every beer purchase goes to support Indy Humane. With four humans in our crew, I think we probably donated $10.00 in Oktoberfest and Cream Ale purchases.  Claude and Daisy were in dog heaven - rolling around in the grass, nibbling on their new treats and toys, and saying Hello to all the pups and people around us. They wriggled and romped and had the most fun. In the meantime, we humans got to see the Indians push on to victory over the Columbus Clippers!

All in all, we had a wonderful time at Bark in the Park! We will DEFINITELY be checking it out again. Daisy slept like a log last night, and that's my favorite way for Daisy to sleep. In fact, as I type this out today, she's taking another nap. Every once in a while, a leg twitches in her sleep and I wonder if she's dreaming about all the fun she had at the ballpark.

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