What is life??

Wow. What a whirlwind is life at the moment. I promise that I'll post pictures and full recap of that strange and magical Saturday when he put a ring on it very soon! Scout's honor. But in the meantime, some stuff that I am trying to wrap my head around. Like, PluckyReads book club is this coming Sunday! How's Paper Towns going?? Bark in the Park is barely a week away! Are you going to me there? Tweet at me, bro! (@PluckyInLove) Also, the State Fair is over already?? How did that happen? Most of my time has been spent hunched over a computer screen, taking notes like a mad man, and sending as many emails as humanly possible. What is life??

I have to say, I had this really nice blog flow going on until James had to go and make my head turn to mush. I have some big bloggy announcements that I can't wait to share once I can form complete sentences again. I'm also back on that workout train. My friend asked me this weekend, "Are you already sweating for the wedding??" And I hung my head in shame because, Yes. Yes, I am. I need a FULL YEAR to get these jiggles and wiggles into shape.

Isn't it strange when something completely throws off your extremely tenuous life balance? I mean, in real life, I'd have gone grocery shopping yesterday afternoon to plan out what I'll be having for lunch and dinner this week instead of hoping I can slip out to Target today before lunch time to grab a snack. I'd have purchased coffee, and not been a zombie when I woke up without any this morning. In real life, I never would have spent a half hour on the elliptical yesterday watching Nightmare Next Door on Investigation Discovery. I'd have watched it from my comfy, cozy bed like the fitness guru I am. In real life, I would never have made it to bed at 9:30pm because my body was shutting down from all the things and feels in the last 172 hours. In real life, I'd have shared this post I wrote for IndyHub, like, a million times by now. I would also be recapping hardcore about the time last week I went to SunKing for some samples and a growler and the guys called me Katniss (sidebraid ftw) and gave the District 12 salute accompanied by Rue's whistle. That was a pretty good time.

Where is this post going? No clue. How about a cutesy song to play us out then... 

You stay classy, San Diego.

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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