This week, let's obsess about Daisy. Deal?

Vanity, thy name is Daisy Dog. ♥
Happy Monday!! OMG do I have a lot to share with you this week!! To kick things off, let's chat about last week's Spa Day. Daisy had an appointment at Furr Pet Spa, which is conveniently located about 12 steps from our front door. Being the Nervous Nelly she is, Daisy dropped a deuce right as we were trying to walk in, but these people know their stuff and provided an outdoor trashcan for such occasions. I was pretty happy I didn't have to walk into the joint carrying a baglet of poop nuggets. No one in my family can make an appointment or travel plans without a flair up of IBS, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that Daisy is related to us. Anyway. We loved the place! The gals were super professional and did a wellness exam (ears, eyes, teeth, etc) before the grooming began. They partner with the Mass Ave Animal Clinic, so it's an official exam. They treated Daisy (and the other "kids" we saw while there) like royalty. Oh, and did I mentioned they have mascots?? Every human I met at the Spa had a dog (or two) of their own and I was green with envy to learn they regularly have Bring Your Doggy To Work Days.  

Though Furr Pet Spa has been around for less than a year, everyone was so professional and polished and I never would have guessed they were new in town! They asked about my preferences for her cut and any issues she might be having and even asked Daisy to sit when she jumped up in their faces.* Daisy magically forgot that she's picky about her treats because a new human was giving her one and it was awesome!! Even if it was a healthy dental treat that I'd never be able to get her to eat, but still... Kids these days, amIright? I can't say enough about how nice it was that these people were dog people. They shared that if the dog is stressed out, then everyone is stressed out. So they try really hard to make the trip a pleasant, stress-free event for the sake of the groomers and the pups. When the dryer got overwhelming for Little D, they switched to an alternate form of drying rather than pushing through and causing her to whig out. I was pretty happy about that. And, of course, I am now the proud owner of a good-smelling, soft-furred, trimmed-nails little doodle.

The Furr folks were really awesome and Daisy had a blast being pampered. If I could use words to describe the number of smug grins she threw my way as they fawned over her... Let's just say, she's not unaware that she's a little princess. If you're close to downtown and you're in the market for a new groomer or need a wellness exam or want to find products that are safe for your pet or you just want to stop by and say hello to some super nice dog people, I'd recommend Furr Pet Spa downtown, furr realz.

*As a person who doesn't want her semi-large dog to jump up on strangers, I get a little annoyed when I tell her to SIT and the strangers say, "Oh! It's okay! I'm a dog person." I appreciate that a lot! But the next person might not be cool with her jumping up (or might be 2 years old, for that matter) so she's really, really gotta learn to be polite. So these furr people won me over from the get-go. 

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  1. Don't you love dogs can just let it go whenever they want #noshame :)
    Your IBS comment made me laugh.