So, I Uber now...

Remember yesterday when I confessed I was a bit nervous about this post? Well, there you have it. I feel just a little bit like a sell out and like I'm just a cog in the wheel of capitalism but gosh darn it, it's nice to know I can make $10 just driving home from work if I'll drop someone else off along the way. I haven't hit any surge pricing yet, but it's bound to happen. We live downtown, for goodness sake! I'll admit that I haven't driven much after dark at this point, and that's mostly because I'm a little concerned for my safety to be honest. I'm sure I'll get desperate enough for the cash and take the plunge. Everyone has been SUPER nice so far. Lots of out-of-town people who are finding themselves enthralled with our city. You never think, "Hey! Let's take a trip to Indianapolis!" but maybe you should? And if you do, call me. I'll drive you all around town, unless you're headed to BFE Avon or Greenfield. Ha! I kid. I kid. Also, to the one guy who tipped me in cash dollars - blessings on you and your family.   What about you? Got a side hustle? Or any pro tips for a beginner like me to this whole Uber thing? Maybe the best part about all this is that I now have a bona fide reason for griping at James to keep my car clean! 

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  1. Good luck! I'm a big fan of Uber, I use it all the time when I'm in the city.

  2. ha this is awesome. I haven't used uber before but it's awesome especially for people who live in the city/go out a lot! Why not make side $? My invitation etc. stuff is taking off with people I know. I need to get a site up and put things in my etsy for the rest of the world, but a start is a start. :) XO -Alexandra

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  3. A few extra bucks never hurt anyone :)
    Be safe!

  4. Good for you!! I thought about driving for Uber once when I first heard about them but figured they weren't in my town yet. By this point though it's a whole different story. Feel free to regale us with tales and trials of the Indy Uber Driver :) good luck, have fun!