ranting & raving

I want to rant because our upstairs neighbors can't stinking stop STOMPING at 5 AM. WHY?? STOP. I want to rave because Furr Pet Spa was the bomb and Daisy dog is looking good. I want to rant because politics are heating up and it's taking over my newsfeeds and I don't see a ton of actual change on the horizon and ugggh. I want to rave because I get to giveaway stuff next week on this blog and that, like, never happens. What?? I want to rant because people in this town think a yellow light is for speeding up and that to pull 86% out into an intersection turning left means you should get to go even when you sat through the whole light like that. Rude. I want to rave because I found a (free) dog park within 1/4 mile of our place. #winning I want to rant because I stepped on the scale and the last two days of workouts don't seem to be factored in there. I want to rave because I'm wearing this all weekend and no one can stop me. But mostly I want to rave because it's Fri-yay and this blog hit 100,000 views yesterday and you betches are the bomb.

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  1. hehehe awesome! There are not-free dog parks...? #notadogowner But, what..?!

    XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I've never heard of a dog park not being free... is that a thing?! Oh my. Congrats on the page views!