I confess that I am having WAY too much fun as a "member" of the "media."

I confess that, today, I can make all your dreams come true. Err, well, how about Bark in the Park tickets fo' free (!) instead?

I confess that I am more excited to see this baseball game with my dog than I would be to see it with a human. #sorrynotsorry

I confess that, to date, I have never ever been paid cash dollars for a blog. Seriously. I just love to do stuff, and other people love to share their stuff, and then we all hang out and it's awesome.

I confess that I've been humming this all morning.

I confess that this is adorable and makes me really happy.

I confess that your dog needs this. ASAP.

I confess that I'm dying for you to enter to win!

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