I confess that I stayed up way too late last night (re)watching Good Will Hunting and that I (re)cried.

I confess that, since the move at the beginning of summer, I haven't updated my library card. i.e. I don't have a library card at the moment. Must fix this ASAP.

I confess that I have been jamming out to this in the car a lot.

I confess that every time we give Daisy her breakfast, she has to "work" for it. She has to sit or lay down or do any trick we want until we give her the "OK" and then she can eat. Sometimes, like this morning, I get caught up doing something and forget that she's waiting for an "OK" and I realize she's been sitting patiently for 5+ minutes just hoping I'll let her eat breakfast. Oops. 

I confess that I would feel worse about the breakfast thing except I am taking off work to go to the salon..... for Daisy. Seriously. #DogOwnerProbz

I confess that I feel weird about the post I'm writing for tomorrow.

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  1. Haha at making her do tricks for her breakfast! We do the same!!

  2. Now you got me excited about tomorrow's post :)