Never have I ever thought about not confessing with Melissa on a Wednesday.

Never have I ever been to Canada or South America.

Never have I ever been admitted to the hospital.

Never have I ever enjoyed a bite of cabbage.

Never have I ever had nail polish last longer than 48 hours with no chipping.

Never have I ever been to the Bark in the Park but it's totes happening!!

Never have I ever driven up I65 through the construction zone in morning rush hour and blared this song with my windows down and my radio up (and my radio up). Oh wait....

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. I feel your pain with the nail polish situation, mine are always chipping after a day or two! I have bought expensive polish and cheap nail polish and nothing seems to stop them from chipping ugh

  2. Yes about the nail polish! I get so frustrated with how quick my nail polish chips. That is awesome that you have never been admitted to the hospital! I have, more times than I care to have ha ha.