You're going to the symphony, Harry.

This weekend is going to be magical. Seriously. In Indianapolis, we have this incredible series called Symphony on the Prairie. It takes place at Conner Prairie, which is a super cool place to go on a field trip in 4th grade because they churn butter and milk cows and have no electricity. But as an adult, you can return to Conner Prairie to spread out a picnic blanket, drink good wine, and listen to the Movie Music of John Williams. GUYS! I am embarrassed to admit I didn't know who he was, but he's the Harry Potter music guy! And Jaws. And ET. And Star Wars. Yeah yeah yeah. But Harry Potter!!! Is it cool to make these to bring along? I wonder if I could re-read the entire series by Saturday? #AllNighters

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  1. I've been DYING to get to a Symphony on the Prairie show! I've never even been to Conner Prairie before, so I know I'd love it. I have my eye on the Frank Sinatra and Elvis impersonator shows later this summer, but cringed when I saw the ticket price. Have so much fun! By the way, please make wands and butterbeer for the occasion.

    1. FYI - 100% adding butterbeer to my 2015 Bucket List. :D